October 22, 2013

Homemade Mushroom Soup

Serve five as part of a meal

2 pkt fresh button mushrooms, wipe clean and slice thinly
1 whole garlic, smack and remove skin, minced
2 cups chicken stock
30gm butter
30ml oil
Puff pastry dough

Preparing mushrooms
  1. Using small fire, add butter and oil in a soup pot
  2. Fry garlic till fragrant
  3. Add mushroom
  4. Cover and cook for 5 mins
  5. Stir well
  6. Cover and cook for another 10 mins until mushrooms softened
  7. Set aside to cool down
Preparing soup
  1. In a blender, combine mushrooms and 1 cup chicken stock
  2. Blend till smooth
  3. Transfer back to soup pot
  4. Add 1 cup of chicken stock
  5. Stir well
  6. Bring to boil
  7. Set aside to cool down
Preparing puff pastry
  1. Cut half
  2. Store the unused half in airtight container in fridge
  3. Leave pastry dough in room temperature for about 15 mins
  4. Dust with plain flour
  5. Flatten out to 2mm
  6. Place your soup bowls onto dough to make markings
  7. Trim out pastry dough enough for five ramekins
  8. Cover over ramekins tightly around its sides
  9. Let dough rest for 15 mins
  10. Brush egg on pastry
  11. Bake at 200 degrees for 15 mins till golden brown
  12. Enjoy!
  • The ramekins are bought from Totts store.
  • I am using Sunshine Puff Pastry. Half the dough can be used for six ramekins.
  • When trimming pastry dough, have enough dough for covering the side of soup bowl. Make sure you wrap around the sides tightly so that the pastry won't sinked in the middle while resting the dough.
  • If you like thicker soup, you can use three packs of fresh mushrooms instead of two.
  • If you don't like garlicky taste, reduce to half whole garlic
  • Add some Bulla Pure Cream if you like it creamy
  • I didn't use any salt because the chicken stock is salty. Add freshly grounded pepper if you prefer.
  • Handle soup bowl with care when you remove from oven as it is extremely hot. Consume after cooling down for 15 mins.

Watch video here