August 06, 2013

Crispy Prawns & Corn Fritters

This recipe is versatile in terms of how you like your ingredients to flavour your fritters. Add more onions if you love its fragrant and add more chilli if you like it spicy. This batter proportion makes a crispy fritter that stays crisp even when it's cooled. Great for parties!

Makes about 24 tablespoons of fritters

10 pieces of fresh prawns, remove shell and cut into small cubes
1 ear of corn, kernels remove
60gm self-raising flour
30gm rice flour
100ml water
2 green chilli, remove seeds and slice
1 spring onion, chop
1 clove garlic, mince
1 red onion, chop finely
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp salt
Few dashes of pepper


  1. Mix everything together
  2.  Scoop tablespoons of mixture into hot oil
  3. Fry till golden brown
  4. Drain on paper towel
  5. Serve as side dish