May 21, 2014

Ondeh Ondeh


250 gm glutinous rice flour mixed with 1 tbsp sugar
200 ml pandan juice (20 pcs pandan leaves + 200ml water)
150gm gula melaka
150gm shredded coconut
2 pandan leaves for steaming shredded coconut
1/4 tsp salt


1. Mix salt with shredded coconut. Steam with some pandan leaves. Set aside.

2. Using a knife, shave the gula melaka and then break them into a sandy texture.
I find that wrapping small chunks of gula melaka is easier but may not melt quick enough and you may taste the sandy texture.

3. Blend pandan leaves with water. Discard pulp.

4. Pour half amount of pandan juice into glutinous rice flour and sugar.

5. Using a spoon, mix until the pandan juice has been incorporated. Add the rest of pandan juice and mix well.

6. The dough feels hard and dry so give it a good knead and it will come together. The dough texture should feels firm and dry. If it's soft, you will find it 'melting' while you roll them with the fillings. Just add 1 to 2 tablespoons of glutinous rice flour if you feel its too wet or add tablespoons of water if it's too dry.

The dough should be able to break up like that.

7. Pinch some dough and roll into bite size balls. Fill it with gula melaka and seal it.
Tip: After sealing the gula melaka with the dough, squeeze the dough in your palm into a round shape before rolling gently into a smooth ball.

8. Place the balls onto a floured surface.

9. Make small quantity and boil them immediately to prevent overcrowding and sticking.

10. These are bite size so once they float on water, they are  ready to dish out. If you are making larger ones like a big mouthful, boil them longer.
I feel that larger ones are easier to roll :)

11. Roll them in shredded coconut until evenly coated.

12. Let it cool before you enjoy these tender & chewy ondeh ondeh!