June 01, 2014

Pan Fried Salmon with Mango Chilli Salsa

How do you achieve that crispy crackling salmon skin yet moist and tender meat that melts in your mouth? Before I present you the science part of it, let me share this superb salmon recipe with you. After this post, you will never cook salmon the same way you did ever again! No more dry chalky salmon.

My favourite way of eating cooked salmon is with mango salsa. This greasy fish goes really well with some tanginess. And being so singaporean means I just had to ruin it with chilli. But trust me, the chilli gives this dish a punch on top of the sweet and tangy mango salsa.

First of all, get good quality salmon. At Song Fishtheir frozen salmon fillets are quick freeze in Norway, shipped to Singapore and transported to the factory for packing individually. I love it that their salmon can easily be taken out for thawing. You can order these frozen salmon fillets online from one of the most established and leading frozen seafood and poultry supplier in Singapore.

Their processing plant is temperature controlled at 10 to 15 degrees celsius to maintain the freshness and quality of the salmon.

Finally, the recipe for this Pan-fried Salmon with Mango Chilli Salsa!


This makes mango salsa for 2 to 3 servings.
One mango, dice
Half a red onion, dice finely
One chilli padi, deseed and chopped finely
Juice and zest from one lime (about 3 tbsp of juice)
1 stalk of chinese parsley, finely chopped

Mix well and set aside in the fridge.

I am using air-flown fresh salmon (sashimi grade). You can order half or whole salmon and it will be deboned, sliced and packed for delivery to your doorstep. The whole salmon will come with its head and bones.

Dry your salmon throughly by giving it a firm squeeze with a paper towel around it.

Heat up 3 tablespoon of oil until its very hot. Laid your salmon skin down. Then, switch to low fire.

Using a flexible turner, pressed the salmon firmly to prevent it from curling for about 10 seconds.

Grind some salt and pepper over it before covering with a lid.

After 7 mins, the salmon fillet is ready. Depending on the thickness of your salmon fillet, you can gauge the doneness when the meat part turned light pink.

Flip to the other side and let it fry for 10 seconds.
It's done.

Served with some blanched asparagus. Topped with mango chilli salsa just before serving the dish so that the crispiness of the salmon skin maintains.

See how moist the meat is!

Thanks to Song Fish for these lovely salmon fillets.

You can order these salmon fillets online and enjoy free delivery for a minimum purchase of $100* (usual $150). They are also available in air-flown fresh salmon (sashimi grade) found under the category of 'Fresh Products'.

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Last but not least, you can read more about pan frying your salmon from The Food Lab.

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