June 03, 2014

Pan Fried Teriyaki Codfish

Have you seen cod fish fillets that were sold in this cut?

At Song Fish, their cod fish are wild caught and deep freeze upon harvest to maintain its freshness. This cut, also known as baby cut is only available from Song Fish and is one of their top selling product. The fish bones have been completely removed and the portion is perfect for making porridge for your baby or toddler.

Cod fish is a popular fish with a mild flavour and dense, flaky white flesh. When prepared correctly, it will literally melt in your mouth. My favourite way of serving cod fish is with teriyaki sauce. Homemade teriyaki is fuss free and one of the best homemade sauce you must make because it goes well with many other ingredients like chicken, pork and seafood.

These cod fish cubes come individually frozen and easily taken out for thawing.

Gently dry your cod fish cube before cooking.

Homemade Teriyaki sauce is easily prepared by mixing equal amount of mirin, soya sauce and brown sugar. You may also add some ginger and freshly grounded black pepper. Simmer the mixture until sugar dissolves and its ready to use.

Heat up some oil until its very hot.

Place your cod fish skin down and switch to small fire.

Cover with a lid and let it fry for 10 mins. I did not open the lid and swirl the oil around slightly to make sure the skin gets to fry in the oil.

After 10 mins, the skin is crisp!

At this point, the cod fish is throughly cooked. The meat is extremely delicate and will easily fall off because it is 'Melt-in-the-Mouth', so please handle them gently with a turner. Turn them to one side to fry for 10 seconds before transferring them to the serving plate while making sure you place the browned side of the codfish up.

Add teriyaki sauce to the serving dish instead of pouring over the crispy skin. Garnish with some spring onions.

Thanks to Song Fish for these melt-in-the-mouth cod fish cubes!

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