May 12, 2013

Baked Chicken in Milk

Adapted from Jamie Oliver

This is a frequent meal on my dining table especially when I need to bring my kids for extra classes. It is so convenient to popped this into the oven and set it to one hour timer. The house is filled with smell of lovely baked chicken when I returned home four hours later.


One chicken, rinse and pat dry
Watch video on how to remove chicken head, feet and tail with scissor

600ml full cream milk (I prefer Meiji as it's more creamy)
4 potatoes, remove skin, cut halves
2 whole garlic, leave skin on
1 carrot, cut chunks
1 tbsp dried Italian herbs
Freshly grounded black pepper to taste
Sea salt to taste


1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

2. Rub a generous amount of sea salt all over chicken.

3. Using a pot that can fit the chicken snugly, place the chicken breast down in the pot.

4. Switch to fan grill mode, grill the chicken for 15 mins. I did not flip the chicken.

5. After 15 mins, switch off fan mode. Oven temperature maintains at 180 degrees.

6. Remove pot from the oven carefully.

7. Pour milk into pot.

8. Add carrots and garlic into the milk.

9. Laid potatoes around the chicken.

10. Add few dashes of Italian herbs, generous amount of sea salt and freshly grounded black pepper all over potatoes and carrots.

11. Bake the chicken on the lowest rack at 180 degrees for 2 hours. If you find the chicken browning too fast, cover the chicken with aluminium foil but not the entire dish. Add thicken cream at the end of cooking gives you a more creamy broth.

12. To serve, pull out chicken meat from the bones, spoon plenty of juice over and serve with carrots and potatoes.

Other attempt

If you don't mind the extra calories, rubbed salt and melted butter all over the chicken before grilling and it will give you a nicely browned chicken skin and buttery gravy.

If you don't have a pot, you can use baking tray too.