July 09, 2014

Salmon & Potatoes Gratin

Angela Seah Thulin (Fun at Sassy's Kitchen) is a Singaporean living in Sweden. She picked up some good tips to make a good potato gratin from the locals & one of them was to boil the potatoes in cream.

I adapted her tip and boiled them in milk instead because I was planning to make a Mornay sauce for my gratin. The Mornay sauce can use the remaining milk from boiling the potatoes.

Here's a really cheesy and creamy potato gratin topped with salmon and cheese!


Boil 10 potatoes slices with 1 litres of full cream milk & 1 tsp salt. This is what's left after boiling.
Do not cover your lid as it will boil over.

Marinate salmon chunks with dried oregano herbs and a generous amount of salt.

Make a Mornay sauce by melting 100 gm butter, add 4 tbsp plain flour & stir until bubbling. Then gradually whisk & add the remaining milk from boiling potatoes. Whisk until smooth. Add 50 gm grated gruyere cheese & mix well. Add more cheese if you prefers. Season to taste.

If the sauce is too thick, just add more milk … the sauce should be runny like a creamy soup.

Pour sauce over potatoes in a baking dish

Laid your salmon over it. Bake at 180 degrees for 7 mins.

Topped with Pizza Plus cheese, leaving some space between the salmon.
If you topped the cheese evenly, it will melt into one lump of cheese.

Using fan grill mode, bake at 180 degrees until cheese turns golden brown.