March 31, 2013

Chicken Ngor Hiang

Makes 16 - 18

250-280gm boneless chicken leg, remove skin, chopped
500gm prawns, deshell, dice
6-7 water chestnuts, remove skin, dice
1 stalk spring onion, dice
1 pkt bean skin, cut to squares
1 egg

6 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp Chinese wine
1/4 tsp salt
Pepper to taste
A pinch of five spices powder (optional)

- Mix all ingredients with seasoning
- In a plate of water, gently rinse bean skin and hand squeeze dry. Do not squeeze too hard because the skin will tear. It's ok that it's abit wet.
- Wrap filling immediately
- Heat up oil for deep frying. The oil must be very hot so that bean skin will not stick to wok.
- Gently drop the ngor hiang into oil one at a time to prevent the bean skin from sticking to each other. Do not slide it down from the side of wok as it will stick.
- Drain on paper towel. There will be water seeping out from the cooked ngor hiang.
- Transfer cool ngor hiang onto new paper towel
- Have a quick 3-seconds deep fry before serving

- Rinsing the bean skin requires a quick 2-seconds rinse and squeeze. Prepare more bean skin if its your fist time trying this method.
- After deep frying the ngor hiang, there will be some water seeping out. You may want to drain the ngor hiang by placing 2-3 paper towels on top of a cooling rack.

Watch video here